Homemade Applesauce

One of the reasons I love September is because Ma makes some pretty amazing applesauce. She normally gathers apples from Blocks Stand and Greenhouse in Romulus, but if she can get good deals @ Meijer or Kroger she will take advantage. We still like to support local when we can, though.

Applesauce with love, pear, and raisins:

-Peel and core one bag of apples (8-10 makes about 4 servings).

-Let the apples hang out in cold water while you peel the rest  to prevent browning.

-Simmer in a pot until soft and tender and applesauce starts to form (takes about a half hour).

-Add a couple tablespoons of granulated sugar (brown sugar is sweeter, so use less if you prefer brown).

Tip: Adding 1-2 pears and a handful of raisins add sweetness.


My mom likes it a little tart, but I like to add a little more sugar. You could add nuts if you like as well or get creative and make this as a filling to a pie or empanada (Idea, Janet)!


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