Located on the hill (Fairlane Green) in Allen Park, Yogurtown is hopping even in these cold winter months. Serving up unique frozen yogurt flavors with creative toppings & gelato, Yogurtown is sure to be packed as the weather gets warmer. See how they ranked.

Atmosphere: 3.5 out of 5 bites

Price: 2 out of 5 bites

Quality/Taste: 4 out of 5 bites

Service: 3.5 out of 5 bites

Wow Factor: 3 out of 5 bites


Pistachio Frozen Yogurt topped with cheesecake bites. I was actually surprised at how subtle the pistachio was. The color was fun, bright, and it tasted delicious. The cheesecake bites were a great compliment.


Gelato: so many colorful choices!


Josh went with Peanut Butter & Cookie Dough flavored gelato topped with hot fudge and caramel: Do I even need to describe it? It’s chocolate, caramel, and ice cream. It was amazing!






Josh and I have somewhat of a joke when we go out to eat. He always manages to drip something on his arm, finger, or table and I always manage to point it out. Honestly, I love it when it happens and it’s actually comforting so I had to take a picture when he was finished.

The only thing I don’t like about Yogurtown is the price. Everything is weighed per ounce and with all the mouth watering,  persuasive toppings, things can be expensive fast. Stop by Yogurtown to indulge in some delicious sweet treats soon.

Yogurtown on Urbanspoon


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