Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone! I started off my day not with a green beer, but with a beautiful Monday @ the office. Honestly, it wasn’t bad because the company bought everyone lunch from Mudgie’s Deli in Detroit, MI. See what’s on the Bite Tonight!

Corned Beef: served with Swiss & Kreme mustard. What’s Kreme mustard, you ask? Great question! It’s a  local (of course), zesty, slightly spicy, sweet horseradish mustard that leaves your taste buds wanting more. I’ve never had it before today, but I added it to my list of favorites. If you’ve ever had a creamy horseradish, it’s comparable. The corned beef was fresh, sliced thin, stacked thick on soft bread, and hit the spot. If you haven’t had Mudgie’s, check em out. They buy local, fresh ingredients and make delicious creations.


Even though we’re Polish & Hungarian, Ma has a tradition of making hot corned beef sandwiches on this festive holiday. So I got a double dose today.

Hot Corned Beef: served with Muenster cheese and Vlasic dill pickle slices on Italian bread. Major comfort food! The bread was soft, warm, and the pickles added a great cool crunch. The cheesy Muenster melted all over the juicy, tender  corned beef. Delicious! Try throwing one your crock pot and see how it turns out.



Hope everyone was safe and had a great day!

Mudgie's Deli on Urbanspoon


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