Black Pine Tree

Today on the bite tonight: the new Black Pine Tree Sushi Bar, located on Eureka Rd in Southgate. I frequented the previous location, just down the street, and decided to see what the new restaurant was all about. The dining room is very modern and sophisticated , a nice change from the old look. See how they ranked.

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 bites

Price: 3.5 out of 5 bites

Quality/Taste: 4 out of 5 bites

Service: 2 out of 5 bites

Wow Factor: 3 out of 5 bites


I started off with a House Salad with ginger dressing: The purple cabbage adds a nice crunch to a house salad, but the real star of the show is the ginger dressing. Sweet and vinegary with a nice bite that awakens your tastebuds. I could eat it by itself, it’s so good.



Obama (Pictured on left): Crabmeat, cucumber, and avocado covered in a sweet signature sauce, fire toasted and topped with fried potato shavings. This roll was UH-MAZE-ING! Spicy, crunchy, crispy, and sweet all in one bite. The potato shavings were the perfect crispy topping. This was the best roll I’ve ever eaten.

Angry California (Pictured on top right): Crabmeat, cucumber and spicy tempura crumbs. If you like California rolls, try this one. The tempura crumbs were light, yet added a spicy crunch.

Eel, Avacado, Cucumber (Pictured on bottom right): Topped with BBQ eel sauce. Eel has always been a favorite roll of mine. The delicate eel, paired with creamy avocado, and fresh cucumber is delicious. The sweet BBQ eel sauce ties the whole roll together.



The sushi at the new location is better than I remember the old one being. The service, unfortunately was not. Our server started out good, but slacked on drink refills. The other thing I didn’t like was that it was extremely cold in the dining room and Josh and I had to eat with our coats on.  If you haven’t been to the new location, check it out and try the Obama roll.

Black Pine Tree Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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