Today on the Bite Tonight: WaLa

Located on the corner of Washington & Lafayette in Downtown Detroit is a little diner serving up urban street food. I have driven by colorful building many times and finally decided to give it a whirl. Since I work Downtown, I’ve heard great things from my co-workers who describe the food as “addicting” and “amazing.” See what I thought.

Spicy Chicken: Fried or grilled chicken breast ( I went with grilled) with a spicy chili sauce and topped with lettuce and tomato. I added pickles to mine because I believe pickles make everything delicious. Now, I’ve had a spicy chicken sandwich before, but when WaLa says “spicy chicken” they mean it. The spicy sauce tastes like sriracha and really brings the heat. I really liked the fresh veggies and toasted hoagie roll.

spicy chicken


If you want real good food and a change from the same boring old gourmet sandwiches, try WaLa. The spicy chicken was delicious and I will definitely be back for more. The prices are great and they deliver in the area. Check em out!
WALA on Urbanspoon


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