Mac & Cheese Cook off

Today on the Bite Tonight: Mac & Cheese!

Josh and I thought it would  be fun to have a mac and cheese cook off. See who won the cook off.

Josh’s Mac & Cheese:

Penne pasta, sauteed onions and red pepper, pepperoni, maple ham, bacon, Velveeta cheese, Sharp cheddar cheese and Asiago cheese, red pepper, topped with crushed Chili Cheese Fritos. The Velveeta was the way to go. Creamy, thick, cheese sauce coated each noodle. The spice of the red pepper coupled with the sweet maple ham was delicious! The Chili Cheese Fritos were a nice cheesy finish.

joshs mac and cheese

My Mac & Cheese:

Rotini pasta, sauteed onions, honey ham, garlic, Romano, Parmesan, sharp cheddar, Colby jack, and mozzarella cheeses, topped with French’s Cheddar Fried Onions. My cheese sauce was sharp and nutty from the Parmesan and Romano cheeses. My issue was that I didn’t have enough of it so the mac and cheese tasted dry. My original cheese sauce consisted of a garlicy, Alfredo sauce with Romano cheese, but because I had to much pasta, I had to add what shredded cheese I had in my fridge to compensate. The crispy fried onions were good and added an extra onion crunch.

mac and cheese

And the winner is…..

Josh! It wasn’t easy for me to admit defeat, but I will give credit when it is deserved. You did well, my love. I am very proud of you!

It was fun getting creative and seeing what each of us came up with. Next time, I will watch my pasta to cheese ratio and I will not cook like I’m feeding an army. We had so many leftovers! At least I know what NOT to do next time. Stay tuned for our next cook off.



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