Sushi Potluck

Today on the Bite Tonight: Sushi Potluck

At work, we tend to celebrate birthday’s, holidays, and events with delicious food. For my co-worker, Michelle’s going away potluck, she requested sushi. It was a nice change from random favorites and it was delicious!

California Roll (Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Cafe in Greektown). The rolls were decent, tasted fresh and beat store bought sushi. It was definitely better than last night’s leftovers!

Edamame (soybean) was a nice touch and received lot’s of compliments. Not too shabby for an Aldi brand. Just pop it in the microwave, steam it, and it’s yummy.


Since sushi isn’t that filling, we also ordered pizza.

Cheese Pizza (Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders, Downtown Detroit). My only beef with this cheese pie is that it was greasy. Being a cheese pizza, I’m not sure how you really avoid that. Bellacino’s is pretty basic, dishing out good food with affordable prices. The food isn’t amazing, and it isn’t terrible either.


What going away potluck isn’t complete without cake?

Cake (Holiday Market Bakery): Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I liked that the frosting wasn’t super sweet. This was one of the few cakes that I actually ate. We’ve gotten lots of cakes from this bakery and they always come out moist, super creative, and cute.


The potluck was great and everyone wished Michelle best wishes on her trip back to NYC. Bon Voyage, Michelle.

Stay tuned for lots of great eats. Next on the Bite Tonight: Grand Rapids!

Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders on Urbanspoon


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