Happy Father's Day

Today on the Bite Tonight: Celebrating Father’s Day in Hamtramck!

My father and I started his day off @ Srodek’s Deli and Bakery in Downtown Hamtramck. Srodek’s has everything from fresh and smoked meats and baked treats to pickles and pierogies. Today, I came for the homemade horseradish. I like to call it Polish ketchup, because I put it on everything!



When the say “hot,” they mean it!

I also picked up another favorite:

Potato and Farmers (sweet cheese) Pierogies. A dozen for $6. Can’t wait to fry these up with butter.


Next stop: Polish Village Cafe

polish village sign

polish village dining room


Dill Pickle Soup: Creamy, with a hint of dill. The best I’ve had.


Garlic Chicken: (KURA W CZOSNKU). A tender breast of chicken, marinated in garlic and pan fried.Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. I love the sauerkraut at Polish Village Cafe because it still has that sour taste.

garlic chicken

And if you can’t decide on what yo order, just get a little bit of everything!

Polish Plate: (POLSKI TALERZ). Combo plate with one piece of Stuffed Cabbage, a Pierogi, a chunk of Kielbasa, kraut and mashed on side. Delicious!

polish plate

Dad and I had a great lunch. While we were at Srodek’s, one of the owner’s was telling us about the origin of our last name which was pretty cool. Then, when we were waiting outside for Polish Village Cafe to open, guess who else was waiting, too? Lloyd Carr, former U of M head football coach. Although I’m not a college football fan, my dad was pretty star struck so it made his day. Needless to say, it was pretty cool to be within feet from a legend right here in Hamtramck. I hope all the other dads had as good a day as mine. Happy Father’s Day!

daddy daughter

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