Hungry Howie's Pizza

Today on the Bite Tonight: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

I’ve featured Hungry Howie’s before, but my latest visit was so successful that I just had to post again. By viewing their website, I realized Hungry Howie’s has a lot of different menu options to suit your palette. Check it out.

Pepperoni, Onion, & Pineapple Pizza: With Bold and Spicy sauce and BBQ & Butter flavored crust (You need the butter so the BBQ seasoning will adhere better). I was leery on the crust, but it actually went really well with the sauce and toppings. Subtle spice with a solid flavor. The BBQ crust was sweet and was delicious with the pepperoni. I don’t know how I missed this sauce choice, but if you haven’t tried it, get it ASAP!

pepp and ham

Ham and Pineapple Pizza: Double pineapple with butter, garlic, Parmesan flavored crust. Josh has been on a “pineapple on his pizza” kick lately and the double pineapple was awesome. The combo of sweet and salty really pairs well. And who doesn’t love butter, garlic, and Parmesan crust?

pineapple and ham pizza

Josh and I ventured a little bit out of our pizza comfort zone and it paid off! We got one “normal” pizza and one “wild” pizza. I really like Hungry Howie’s because everything is always delicious, fresh, and fast. They offer multiple flavored crust options, an array of toppings, calzones, salads, wings, and oven baked Howie rolls. A wild Saturday night is not drinking until you’re hungover, but ordering something wacky on your pizza! Be wild.


Hungry Howie's Pizza on Urbanspoon


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