Dude, Sweet Chocolate

I’m switching it back to Dallas for a few posts. The next feature on the Bite Tonight is Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Normally I stick to restaurants, but this storefront is a perfect write up. And too good not to share.


Located in Dallas’s Bishop Arts District is a cute little chocolate shop, Dude, Sweet Chocolate. I can only describe this nostalgic spot as a chocolate lab concocting some of the most creative, yet bizarre flavor combinations. Think blue cheese and sea salt fudge and a dark chocolate, sesame, and balsamic bar. Check it.


When you walk in, you are surrounded by shelves and stands that house chocolate bars, barks, potions, spreads, truffles, toffees, olive oil, anything you can think of really. Some products come in liquid or powder form, others in a spreadable tub. It was like I was a kid in a much more mature, sophisticated, and healthier candy store.


I wanted everything, but settled for the log of chocolate “salami.” After sampling pieces of this chocolate, I fell in love with the fig chunks.

FDA Chocolate Vegetarian Salami: made with meedjoul dates, figs, cocoa nibs, and marzipan. The chocolate was soft and sweet, and the marzipan added a subtle creamy, nutty flavor. The dates and figs also added texture and a fresh taste that brightened up the chocolate.



The best part was that all the ingredients were natural so although I was indulging in rich, decadent chocolate, I didn’t feel bad about doing it. Dude, Sweet, Chocolate is perfect for any chocolate lover or even if you want to try something new. It was a delicious and mind opening experience as I had no idea that chocolate was so versatile. If you come across Dude, Sweet Chocolate, you have to stop in. Try the chocolate tea or chocolate infused olive oil.
Dude, Sweet Chocolate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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