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Downtown Detroit: Townhouse

The Shrimp Tempura Verde Roll from Townhouse in Downtown Detroit is full of fresh, bright flavors. This roll combines Granny Smith apple, salsa verde sauce, and cilantro. Find the full post on

Townhouse’s Detroit location lies on Woodward Ave in the heart of Downtown, across from Campus Martius. Townhouse offers a massive Whiskey and Bourbon menu as well as an array of different small plates that are reasonably priced. I recommend dining in the “glass house” because the natural light will pour through and illuminate your experience. If you want drinks, grab a seat at the bar. The menu is all over the place and there is no theme, but I like this. You can find pizza, salads, burgers, sushi, and also some unique dishes such as Elk Tenderloin, Braised Short Ribs, and Butternut Squash Pizza.

Sweet Corn Chowder: House Chorizo, Pumpkin Seeds (pepitas), Cilantro, Lime. The chorizo had a subtle spicy flavor without being greasy or heavy. The chowder had a smooth, silky texture which complimented the crunchy pepitas nicely.

This Sweet Corn Chowder topped with chorizo and pumpkin seeds from Townhouse in Downtown Detroit was a good way to start our meal. This chowder combines spicy, creamy, and nutty flavors without being super heavy. Find the full post at

Brussel Sprouts: Balsamic Brown Butter, Parmesan, Pistachio. Since I love pistachios, I couldn’t pass up this dish. I liked that the Brussel Sprouts were tender on the inside, yet crispy and caramelized on the outside, but they were a little overcooked for my liking. The Parmesan adds a nice salty flavor which paired well with the balsamic.

The Brussel Sprouts from Townhouse in Downtown Detroit are topped with toasted pistachios and salty Parmesan cheese. The combination of balsamic and crispy Brussel Sprouts is delicious. Find the full post at

Shrimp Tempura Verde Roll: Crab, Granny Smith Apple, Japanese Salsa Verde, Cilantro Crystals. If you know me, you know that I love verde sauce. So much, in fact, that I often request it at my late night Taco Bell visits even though I know they don’t carry it. Ridiculous, I know, but I just have hope that one time I will ask and they will have a different answer.

Fun Fact: Verde sauce is a regional TB menu item. You can imagine how excited I was when I was in Arizona a couple months ago and was rewarded verde sauce. I asked for my favorite condiment as I usually do ready to be disappointed yet again, only to be told that not only did this Taco Bell have it, but they actually make it fresh. Score!

Anyways, back to this sushi roll. This verde sauce was on point. Fresh, slightly acidic and tart, adding a nice brightness to the crunchy tempura. The Granny Smith apple was a nice addition and added a sweet texture. I didn’t taste the crystalized cilantro, but since it can be overpowering, this was a good thing.

The Shrimp Tempura Verde Roll from Townhouse in Downtown Detroit is the perfect choice if you want something refreshing. The bright, fresh, verde sauce and cilantro really wake up your taste buds. Find the full post at

Chicken Meatballs: Tomato Sugo, Parmigiano Reggiano, Basil. I liked that these meatballs were a change from the usual beef meatball. They were light and I didn’t feel bad eating them. The sauce was decent, slightly sweet, with a hint of heat. I also appreciated that there was enough sauce for each bite of meatball. The meatball itself could’ve used more seasoning.

The Chicken Meatballs from Townhouse in Downtown Detroit are packed full of flavor. The sugo sauce is your classic Italian red sauce with a sweet and robust tomato flavor. Find the full post at

Service was good and the restaurant gave off good vibes. Townhouse offers Happy Hour and daily dinner specials. I didn’t save room for dessert, but I had my eye on the Hot Chocolate Creme Brûlée and the Fried Bread Pudding. I will definitely be back to taste dessert and eat my way through the sushi menu.

Shout out to Chris for a fun night! Thanks for sharing with me.

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Dago Joe Italian Catering & Buffy's Mexi-casian Grill

Today on the Bite Tonight: Food trucks!

In my opinion, food truck’s are where it’s at. This past weekend was my work Summer party @ Campus Martius and I was thrilled because instead of buffet food, they offered food truck selections. When it comes to Dago Joe’s, they are doing delicious Italian favorites like no other. Buffy’s Mexi-casian Grill marries impressive Mexican and American cuisine. Check it out.

 Dago Joe’s Meatballs: Giant flavorful meatballs topped with spicy marinara. Dago Joe’s advertises the best meatballs around and I would agree. Both the meatballs and marinara were bursting with incredible flavor. You could really taste the love and passion in the food. Amazing!  Check out the meatball sandwich.


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Buffy’s Mexi-casian Grill’s Chicken Chimichanga: Deep fried tortilla stuffed with chicken and topped with lettuce tomato, guacamole cream sauce, and spicy sauce. First of all, I just want to point out that everyone was ordering these and they looked so good that it was turning heads and sparking interest. When I ordered mine, the taste was as up there as the presentation. Crispy, fresh, spicy, and cool. I’ve never had a chimichanga that tasted so good. It wasn’t greasy and the chicken was marinated and had such a good flavor.


The party itself was entertaining, but of course, I  look forward to the food. If you are ever Downtown Detroit, stop by Campus Martius for lunch and visit the food truck scene. You won’t be disappointed.
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Slows Bar BQ

Located on Michigan Ave. in Detroit’s Cork town, Slows Bar BQ has  been a local (and non local) favorite for years. I’ve been there many times, but I decided to feature my absolute favorites off the menu. It was hard to choose, but I managed. See for yourself!

Brisket Enchilada: Chopped brisket and smoky gouda in corn tortillas topped with cheddar and Spicy Sauce. Cheesy, spicy, crunchy, and smoky.


The Reason: Pork butt, smoked slow and pulled, bathed in sauce and topped with our signature coleslaw and dill pickle strips. This sandwich was too huge to bite into, so after taking half of the pork butt off to save for later, I still had left a mouth watering BBQ sandwich. My favorite signature sauce is the Apple BBQ (sweet and tangy) so I added a dollop to each bite. The pork was moist, and the coleslaw and pickles added creaminess and crunch to the rich pig. The only thing I didn’t like was that the bottom bun was so soggy that juice seeped out with every bite. It was like I was ringing out a sponge with my teeth.


Triple Threat Pork: Featured on Food Network’s Diner’s, Drive In’s, and Dive’s. Apple wood bacon, pulled pork and ham stacked high and mighty. If you’re looking for a salty tower of meat, this sandwich is for you! Huge, delicious and perfect for any carnivore.


Mac and Cheese: Melty, crispy top layer of cheese blankets rich creamy, shells of delicious  goodness. One of the best Mac and Cheese sides I’ve ever had!

Sweet Potato Mash: Slightly sweet smashed potato. I love how this side isn’t whipped to death, leaving it with some texture.


If you haven’t been to Slow’s, go there now! If you have, go back! They recently expanded and opened a second dining room. Check out the full bar with a huge list of locally brewed beers.  They also have a vegan friendly menu, which is normally unheard of in a BBQ place. There’s always events going on and they will cater your next event. Visit Slows To Go with three new locations inside Ford Field and a food truck located @ Campus Martius for lunch.

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Rollin' Stone Wood Fired Pizza

If you frequent my blog, you will know that I first heard about Rollin’ Stone Wood Fired Pizza during lunchtime in Campus Martius. The pie was so tasty that they get their own write up. Started in 2007, this food truck hails from Howell, MI and is family operated, cranking out delicious wood fired pizza in less than 5 min.

BBQ Chicken: Chicken breast, bacon, cheese, red onions, BBQ and pizza sauce. My favorite thing about this pizza was that they used their amazing pizza sauce along with the BBQ sauce. I like Jet’s BBQ Chicken pizza, but with all the BBQ sauce they slather on its heavy and rich. Rollin Stone’s pizza was sweet, but didn’t punch you in the face with BBQ sauce, making it the best I’ve ever had. The ingredients were so fresh (they shop local) and the crust was light, airy, and chewy.


Check out the facebook page for location updates. I’m not engaged, but I’m already seriously considering these guys to cater my wedding. Pizza is great and good for any of your upcoming events! If you’re looking for awesome Artisan pizza done right try Rollin’ Stone Wood Fired Pizza. They can’t go wrong.

Campus Martius for Lunch!

One thing I love about working in the heart of Downtown Detroit is being so close to Campus Martius Park. Check them out for live music, the Beach Bar & Grille, sunbathing in the sand, and great food. Janet and I decided to try out some of the “food shack’s” posted up and serving up awesome lunch deals 10 am to 2 pm.

Margherita pizza from Rollin’ Stone Wood Fired Pizza (These guys are literally rolling a pizza over an oven and making some mean pies).


It only took about 5 min and this cheesy, ooey, gooey, yet crispy crusted masterpiece was handed to me. You can really taste the freshness. Good job guys!

I tried to snag a close up…disregard the dude sitting in front of the food truck where the pizza oven is located.


People’s Pierogi Collective

Served with a kielbasa link and a scoop of sour kraut (pucker up!) for only $6

Potato & Cheese: Classic and fulfilling

Cheese: Traditional and satisfying

Spinach: Cheesy, rich filling.


Being the Polish girl that I am, of course I had to check em out. Peoples Pierogi’s are dishing out really delicious, authentic favorites.

I was sad to see that the food shacks were taken down to prepare for the Jazz Festival this Labor Day weekend.  You can still catch the food trucks during lunchtime so you can experience them for yourself.  There’s also tons of food choices for the Jazz Festival so take a trip and check em out. Support Food Trucks!