Panera Bread

Detroit Institute of Bagels

Today on the Bite Tonight: Bagels!

Located on Michigan Ave, in Detroit’s Corktown, is the Detroit Institute of Bagels. Normally, at work we get bagels from Panera Bread, but it was refreshing when I walked in and noticed something different.

Everything Bagel: Fully loaded! I really appreciated all the seasoning (even on both sides of the bagel), but there was something that I couldn’t quite put my taste bud on. It tasted spicy, almost like jalapeno and it was too overpowering for me.

Everything Bagel

So then I switched to an Asiago Bagel: Light with a touch of salty goodness.

Asiago bagel

Spinach and Herb Shmear: Fresh and delicious.

Spinach and herb shmear bagel

One of the things that Wowed me was the spreads and shmears. Detroit Institute of Bagels offers everything from veggie  to strawberry shmear and smoked Lox cream cheese and Butternut Squash Tahini Spread (which was awesome). DIB strives to create masterpieces in bagel craft and I would agree that they are on the right track.  If you’re feeling adventurous, stop in and try the Sriracha Lentil Spread.


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